Monday, December 6, 2010

A Cold December

I cannot believe its already December! Where does the time go? 
It has been really cold the last week or so here. Of course everyone keeps telling me I should be used to the cold being from the Boston area...I lived for 28 years in Massachusetts and I was never used to the cold. Not to mention when I was in MA, I was in a car pretty much any time I was out in the cold. Here I walk everywhere.  Its chilly! 

It snowed last week, it was pretty but London doesn't know how to cope with the snow.  Its pretty funny actually. There was hardly anyone in work b/c the trains were not running in the great London area. For a city that is known to have crap weather, you would think they would be prepared for this stuff...nope!

On another in London has allowed me to be able to see a lot of excellent theatre. I have seen more shows in the (almost) 5 months of living here than I did the three years I lived in New York.  If I can remember them all, I have seen Comedy of Errors, Henry IV part 1&2, Hamlet, Men Should Weep, Les Miserables, Into the Woods, Fuente Ovejuna, Twelfth Night, Copacabana, Design for Living and Birdsong.  It truly makes me appreciate all the hard work these actors put into their shows, but it makes me miss doing shows.  Right now I am still trying to get on my feet and find some real financial stability, but I am not giving up on my acting.  There is really nothing like being on stage.  I dream of being on stage in London, I honestly think that London theatre surpasses New York theatre by leaps and bounds. 

Oh and I mentioned that I would tell you about my job.  Technically I am still temping but I am working as a receptionist at a business centre.  Its 4 buildings where we have offices that people rent and meeting rooms. I answer the phones for a number of internal and external clients who have their businesses directed here.  Its certainly interesting b/c I have to know about 100 different companies and direct calls via a computer switchboard. However, the work can still  be pretty mundane...especially on slow days as all I really do is answer phones and surf the internet.  But in this economy, its a job!