Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Londoniversary

Today officially marks my 6 month Londoniversay. Six months ago I landed on Tom's doorstep with 3 giant suitcases and 1 very full carry-on bag and haven't looked back.  I wont lie to you and say its been a piece of cake, like any big change in your life there are some bumps and bruises that happen along the way.  I'd like to think that I have settled in quite well in fact, but I have had a few set backs such as 3 months with no work, getting homesick, missing my friends. But all of that can be outshined by the fact that I know I made a really great decision in my life, I got a job, have met some really nice people and I am very lucky to have moved in with a perfect stranger but have it turn into a truly wonderful friendship. 

I told myself that when I decided to move to London after not getting into graduate school that I would give myself at least 6 months. Well, here is the 6 month point and I can't see myself leaving any time soon. 

This is pretty much how I feel about being here!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thy Friendship Makes Us Fresh

I try to hard to keep my blog happy and upbeat, but every day in my life is not always so.  I don't want to be a Debbie Downer here, but right now I am having a hard time not being one. The reason being, I miss my friends. I've been in London six months now and have made a couple friends here, but I miss those who I left.  I mean I left the US with a loads of wonderful friends and moved to a place where I only knew a handful of people.  I'm not going to lie, moving to London and leaving all my friends has been one of the hardest things I have done.  If only I could transport them all to this city I would be the happiest girl ever! Im just in a place where I feel sort of charity case-ish. My flatmate tries to include me but at the same time, he has his own life and friends and I can't expect to just become a part of that. I want to make my own friends and have my own life.  Right now I am sitting home alone on a Saturday night, now this is not something unusual for me. When I was in New York it was quite normal for me to be in on a Saturday night, but it was b/c of a choice I was making and not because I didn't have any plans. Where as, right now I am not out not by choice, but by default b/c I don't have any plans or people to make plans with.  Im sorry, but I am having a full on pity party for myself right now, but Im sad and lonely. *cue David Lee Roth's Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody*

My siblings and nephews
Barrie and Emilee my lifelong friends
The last ones standing at my surprise 30th
Leeland and Laura at my Goodbye NYC, Hello London party
Talia at Iguazu Falls in Argentina last March
My Jack at my 31st birthday
Harry in my first week living in NYC
My As You Like It castmates
Classmates from my acting class
My MAC girls
Erin, my roommate from my first year at university

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011: The Year of a Better Jean?

On 30 Decemeber while eating dinner with Tom discussing our New Year party, we got into a conversation about resolutions.  I don't make resolutions b/c I never thought I would follow through on them, so whats the point.  Well, Tom told me that he wanted me to come up with 3 New Year resolutions before the end of 2010.  After a lot of hemming and hawing I rose to his challenge and came up with not only 3 but I now have 5 plus one which is more of a personal developement area.  Then my UK Lifecoach (Tom, not to be cofused with my US Lifecoach Laura)  told me to draw up a spreadsheet to track my progress, while at work I drew up a very basic one via Excel and showed it to him last week.  He then took it a step further and made each "resolution" a bit more detailed. 

Here are my 2011 Resolutions...
1. Perform in a (revenue generating) play or showcase 
2. Improve in learning Spanish 
3. (Actually) Run a 5K
4. Learn to accept compliments
5. Drink (atleast) 2 litres of water a day
6. Personal Developement (these are my continuous goals)

In and amongst these are individual tasks and steps I am taking to complete them.  Im actually really excited about them.  I started running again, I've only been 1 day but its a start. I also have a task to run home from work 1 night this month and next month 2x a week.  Im beginning an acting class tonight.  I bought a 1L refillable water bottle that I am filling up at work daily (Im also peeing like mad but that will subside.) Im well on my way!  I'll keep you in the know of my progress.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, we are 6 days into the new year and I have yet to post anything. I'm sure you all have been waiting with baited breath to read my next post. Ok enough oozing sarcasm...Happy New Year! 

Let me quickly recap 2010 before I tell you all what I have been up to.  2010 was a year of experiences, I traveled to South America and was overwhelmed with culture shock, but was able to not only get by, but prevail there.  I saw some amazing sights that I never in all my life thought I would see with my own eyes.  I made some serious breakthroughs in my acting thanks to my amazing acting teacher Terry.  I performed in a play in New York.  And we can't forget that I picked up and moved to London all on my own.  Its been quite a year. But now, bring on 2011.  This, I've been told, is going to be my year! 

Lets not forget about Christmas too, I was one of the few lucky ones who was able to fly out of London in the snow on my regularly scheduled flight.  It was most certainly a stressful time, but I made it home to see my family over the holiday.  I was great being home. I hadnt been since I left in July and I needed it. I saw some of my friends too.  Overall I had a really nice Christmas.  When I got back to London, escaping the US before a blizzard hit the Northeast, I headed to Tom's parents house in the countryside and spent 3 days eating.  We got back to London just before New Years Eve and prepared for a get together at the flat to ring in the New Year.  We had 10 others over and throroughly enjoyed ourselves. We ate, drank and we merry.  (photos to follow)

I'm also pleased to announce that this year I made some resolutions. This is a first in a very long time.  More so, Im setting some personal goals for myself.  I will go into all that in a future post, but I want to let you know that I have enrolled myself in a six week acting class starting on the 11th and I have also signed up to take a four week Ashtanga yoga workshop beginning on the 13th.  I am very excited about both classes.  I'll be nice to not only get out and meet some new people, but to also work on some personal development. 

Here is to 2011!