Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's What Gets Me Through the Day

As you may have read yesterday, life behind my work desk isn't all that exciting.  However, there are some things that aren't so bad.  For instance, I get to blog while I am not doing anything at work. Or I can Google Chat with friends in the States. I can text my friends while at work. But one of the things that get me through my days at this friend Owen.  Ladies and gentlemen, by no means have I been bullied by Owen Thomas into writing this post. By no means has he sent me emails saying I "post mildly insulting comments(that’s right I took it personally)" I am writing this post dedicated to Owen solely on my own accord.  And why wouldn't now?  Owen passes me at my desk on his way to the shop and asks if I would like anything.  Now I don't want to take advantage of him, but he practically forces me to let him buy me coffee or chocolate.  Today, he popped to the shop and brought me back this...
Honestly, how good is he! 
Its these little things that get me through my day behind this desk.

Owen...this one is for you!
Oh, and I forgot to mention...I'm Owens pimp for the single ladies out there.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Day in the Life

This is my daily view....

Actually this is my view for half the day. The other half of the day I am in the dungeon, its a room with one window that overlooks and alley and a building and I see the same 5-10 people over and over again.  That is the life of being a receptionist at my place of business.  Its pretty boring.  I answer calls, push a button to open the door and sit on Gmail, Facebook and Blogger all day long.  Sometimes I read, if I'm in the dungeon. 

This is probably the only thing that really sucks about London right now.  Yes, I am lucky to have a job and believe me I know, but some days it really puts a damper on my mood.  Ah, onwards and upwards right? I will eventually get that dream job that I'm always hoping for.  I know I will :) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I've been MIA again, I'm sorry. I haven't really been up to a hell of a lot, its just that I feel like I haven't done anything so exciting to post about. However, I have been playing with my camera quite a bit. I bought myself a beautiful Nikon D90 a few years back after seeing what my friend Barrie could do with it. I didn't quite play with it very much in the first year, but I have played with it over this past year.  I'm no pro, I'm very much a novice photographer, but I have been pretty pleased with someone of the photos I have taken with it.