Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Day in the Life

This is my daily view....

Actually this is my view for half the day. The other half of the day I am in the dungeon, its a room with one window that overlooks and alley and a building and I see the same 5-10 people over and over again.  That is the life of being a receptionist at my place of business.  Its pretty boring.  I answer calls, push a button to open the door and sit on Gmail, Facebook and Blogger all day long.  Sometimes I read, if I'm in the dungeon. 

This is probably the only thing that really sucks about London right now.  Yes, I am lucky to have a job and believe me I know, but some days it really puts a damper on my mood.  Ah, onwards and upwards right? I will eventually get that dream job that I'm always hoping for.  I know I will :) 

1 comment:

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