Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Falling Off and Getting Back On

I seem to keep falling off the blogging wagon and always have some sort of excuse as to why my life has been so crazy or what I have been up to.  To be honest, things had been a bit busy at the beginning of last month, but other than that I just got lazy or sucked into Breaking Bad and have done not much else.  How did things get busy? Well...I moved.  I'm no longer living in Battersea with Tom, my home for the 1st two years in London. I've moved to North London...to Harringay and I really do love it.  It reminds me a lot of when I was living in Astoria, NY. Its a lot busier and happening. There's more around and it's not too far from the Tube which makes getting around London quite convenient.  I've gone from living with just Tom, to now living with 2 guys and 1 girl. We'll have a 5th member of the house come the new year as one of the guys moved to Qatar for work.  Its a good mix of people, we all get on well and I love, love, love my new bedroom. It still needs a little love, but in due time it will look amazing.

Now, the main reason I have decided to get back on the blogging wagon is because I need your help, support, guidance, ass kicking...you name it, I need it!  Leading up to the Olympics I was doing a load of exercise and also eating much healthier. Post Olympics I got really lazy, was unwell and then had my heart broken a little bit. Needless to say, I stopped all that good stuff for about 2 months, but now I need to get back into it.  I started ballet again...after 19 years. I'm still VERY rusty, but feel good about myself for doing it. Also, tonight I start my 1st jazz class as well...but I need to do more exercise. Not only will it help me improve in my dancing, it will also get me in better shape.  I feel good, better than I have in a while but I want to feel and look even better.  I'm in my mid-30's so its really important to me to take care of myself!  I need to start eating healthier again, but I'm mostly cooking for one and I get bored or uninspired...or there is also the fact that I don't cook very well.

So my dear readers, friends, loved ones...can you give me all your best inspiration, recipes, exercises, support?  I promise for you all I will be a better blogger and I will even be that girl who writes posts on food and inspiration if you want.  But for right now, this...


  1. I'm so happy to hear you are jumping back on the posting band wagon! I appreciate the update on how you are doing too. You've got supporters & cheerleaders all over the world...now go kick some butt!