Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Am The Worst

Jesus, I haven't blogged in ages...sorry for that, but I am sure you are not morning my loss :)  Sadly I can't say I have been up to too much lately. I have been job hunting like it's my...well job.  To no avail has anything come up other than some temp work. Right now I am temping as the receptionist at Hit Entertainment and have been surrounded by Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder as this is what the company produces.  Its really cute.  However, I damn near had a nervous breakdown on the 1st day alone b/c I am learning a phone system full of people who dont all have faces either.  I am pretty sure in the 1st half hour of this job I dropped at least 5 calls. Luckily I was talked down off the ledge by a few friends and feel a little less helpless and kind of am falling into a groove.  Of course I still worry about people coming in thinking I am an idiot b/c I am figuring it out. I will be here for 2 long as they don't kick me out for being incompetent.

Last weekend I went back to the countryside with Tom to see a county show called Newbury Show, which was a lot of livestock showings and tons of tents set up to shop for food, clothing, name it. It somewhat reminded me of going to the 4H aread of the Marshfield Fair but on a MUCH grander scale.  We also saw a really contemporized (is that a word) version of Twelfth Night that was really interesting.  It was done with really not set or props. They did use the text but it was abridged quite a bit, music was added to it and there were only 8 actors.  I enjoyed it, I might not have had so much of an appreciation of it if I hadn't been give a heads up on how this production was done.  Sometimes when you think your seeing a show that is done in a traditional setting and its not done that way it can throw you. All is all it was great.  I also really enjoy going home with Tom b/c I can really enjoy my gluttonous side. Tom's mother really does treat me and my stomach very well!

Other than that, I haven't really had much to much else happening.  I booked my tickets home for Christmas, I will be arriving on 20 December at 1pm and I leave on 27 December at 9am. I know its not a long period of time b/c I want to spend New Years here in London and I couldn't really book for an earlier time b/c I dont know if and where I will be working and dont want to abuse my time off.  I#m trying to think if I have anything else exciting happening...oh yeah! I signed up to run a 5K next month. I think I am crazy  for doing it but it should be interesting. It will also be a great challenge, now I need to get my ass training!

Thanks all folks! Sorry I've been so MIA. I hope to have more to tell you about.

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