Sunday, November 21, 2010

T is for Thankful

This upcoming Thursday is Thanksgiving and it will be the 1st Thanksgiving in my 32 years where I will not be with any of my family members. For that matter I wont be celebrating Thanksgiving at all...Im not going to lie, that makes me sad.  I know, I know, I live in a country where they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. How can you not love a day where you sit and watch the Macy's Parade, hangout with your family, stuff yourself silly with some of the most delicious foods ever, take a nap and then eat again?  This Thanksgiving I will be sitting in the back office of my work (oh yeah, I got a job...I'll write about that another day) answering phones and probably watching television on BBC iplayer.

Now I am aware of this sounding like a pity party but it's a little weird for me.  If you know me, you will know that I am quite attached to my family...which may seem a little weird for me to say considering I moved 3300 miles away from them.  But it's weird b/c this is the longest Ive gone without seeing them...sort of.  My mom lived in Florida from 2000-2007 and I would probably see her 2 times a year but I spoke to her pretty much on a daily basis. But now that she has moved back to New England I would see her every other month or so.  I guess when it comes down to it, it's really the longest amount of time Ive spend away from my sister. (Hi Sissy!)  Its put me in a bit of a melancholy mood b/c I wont be home this year for Thanksgiving. Im sure people may be thinking Im acting a bit of a baby b/c of it, but my family and the holidays are important to me, especially since I'm the only one not married.  I depend on them to "take me in" on the holidays b/c if they don't Im spending them alone.

Ok, now I am really turning this into a pity party and I dont mean to. I guess what I am really just trying to get across is that I am bummed out that I wont be celebrating my favorite holiday and Im jealous of all those who get to. So as you cut into your turkey this Thursday have an extra slice of meat covered in gravy for me...and while your at it, can you add a bit of cranberry sauce, stuffing butternut squash and yams to that plate as well? Oh and dont forget about the pumpkin pie too! Thanks ;)

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