Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chelsea Flower Show

If you are not in London you may not know that last week was the Chelsa Flower Show which is a quintessential British event.  This year I got a ticket to attend in the evening on Thursday 26 May.  Also, if you aren't in London you may not know that all last week the weather was beautiful except for on Thursday 26 May. We had the most bizarre weather on Thursday, I would look out the window at one moment and the sun would be blazing and 30 seconds later the heavens would have opened up and it was pissing rain. This was all day. Every moment the sun came out I would get super hopeful that the terrible weather was gone and I would blink...rain again.  At the point when I was to be getting out of work to meet Tom to head to the show it was still raining, but when I walked out the door the sun was back with avengence.  We walked to the Tube and when we got off at Sloane Square the weather was Biblical. I was half expecting to see Noah floating down the Kings Road in his Ark.  At this point I had pretty much thrown in the towel, we met Tom's mom for coffee and shelter and while we were caffinating the rain started letting up.  COuld this be out chance, we all were wondering.  Ok, umbrella's up and off to the show we headed. W had been in the show for about 10 minutes at most when the rain stopped and the sun came out for the final time...and stayed out! It was fantastic.  The weather was cool but it was all worth it. I saw some of the most beautiful arrangements and displays ever. It was so hard to believe that this was all just shipped in for the show. Some looked like it had been there for years it was amazing!  See for yourself...

I was so happy the rain let up and I got to go to the show.

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