Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Quick One Before My Holiday

I leave tomorrow afternoon to head back to the US for a week, but I wanted to get a quick post up about my Royal Wedding experience.

I spent the day in Hyde Park with Tom and some of his friends. We arrived in Hyde Park to meet the group (who had been there since 7am) around 8:45am. They had gotten a great place close to one of the large screens set up to watch the event take place. Champagne was poured by 9am and we were all in high spirits to watch the wedding of the year (century?) take place.  It all took place right on schedule...but did you really expect anything less than perfect order? It was really quite the event and the patriotism was overwhelming.  There were no fights, no arguements, no tension, just happiness and good times all around. You could feel how proud people were of the UK at that time.  Even though everything was a little bit much leading up to the event, I am pleased to have taken part in it.  Its something that I may not see happen again.

When in Rome London, right?

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  1. Envious! It looks like you and your mates had a fab time celebrating Will and Kate's Big Day. (Hope you're having a great time on your visit home, as well!)