Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter in the Countryside

**This is a very photo heavy post

I spent the long Easter weekend in Berkshire at Tom's parents house. Tom had quite the weekend planned for everyone he invited. On Thursday after work he and I drove to his parents and were greeted by his mom and the dogs. One of the dogs had puppies a few weeks back and we got to play with them. They are so amazing (2 girls and 4 boys) and they are the CUTEST little nuggets ever!  After a delicious dinner and more puppy time it was late and time to go to bed.

On Friday Tom and I took the dogs outside and we laid in the grass enjoying the gorgeous weather. The 1st two guests, Saran and Charlie, arrived at lunchtime and we enjoyed lunch in the garden and took the pups out to play on the grass for the first time.

That evening Michael joined us and we had pre-dinner drinks in the garden again and then went inside for another amazing dinner which included lots and lots of laughs.  

On Saturday Saran left to go back to London after breakfast and Tom, Michael, Charlie and I drove to Wiltshire for a day in Marlborough to do some shopping at the markets and headed to a pub called The Outside Chance for lunch.  Lunch included jugs of Pimms and lots more laughter. 

After walking around Marlborough we all went back to Michael's house and had tea out in the garden as the sun was beginning to set. The weather again was absolutely gorgeous! 

We headed back to Toms after tea and went for a "frolic" in the field with the dogs before yet another delicious dinner. 

Due to the fact that we had to be up early on Sunday we called it a night early. On Sunday morning at were joined by Bex at breakfast and ventured off to the Badminton Horse Trials Cross Country Day.  This was something that I had never experienced before but it was so amazing. I would try to explain it but can not do it any justice so you should check out this link to see.  

On our last day Bex left early in the morning and Tom, Charlie and I had a relaxing day with the puppies and took the dogs for a great walk. We also kind of had an impromptu photo shoot in the woods :)


Sadly after yet another amazing dinner we had to end the amazing weekend, head back to London and get back to normal life.  

It was such a beautiful weekend, the weather, the food, the plans and most importantly the company were perfect.  I could not think of a better way to spend Easter weekend. Thank you to Tom and his mother for such a great time!

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