Monday, April 4, 2011

I Know I'm Going to Regret This

I'm going to regret posting this on a public forum, but if I do it this way I can't back out of it.  I'm making my official announcement...I am going to sign up to run a 10K. 

I haven't yet learned to like to run, but I somehow still keep doing this to myself, so "Go big or go home!"
Ive downloaded a Couch to 10K app for my phone which will have me supposedly running a 10K in 13 weeks but since I have already started the running thing I think I might skip to week 4 or something and it will leave me with 9 weeks to run a 10K. I can do it right? Right!?!?!

So here goes nothing.


  1. Outstanding. I fell off the wagon over the winter, but I just started running again. I am doing a 5k Saturday. I highly recommend you check out "Born to run". You can also check out my review.

  2. Good Luck on Saturday Frank!
    Ill definitely check out this Born to Run review!

  3. You can totally do it and you will love the feeling after you crossed the finish line. You might even want to sign up fore more races!

  4. You CAN do it!! I believe in you! I think you're so smart to train with a 10k program, they'll lead you the whole way! Please keep us posted on your progress, and GOOD LUCK!!