Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Hunting I Will Go

Tonight I fly to London to perform As You Like It in Hyde Park.  We performed in New York on Friday night to a full house (in playroom speak thats about 60 people) and had a great show...if you missed it, too bad for you :) Not only will I be performing but I will also be meeting up with some people to look at flats and meet with potential flatmates.  It's all becoming so real!  I have 2 definite meet ups and 2 that I am still in the process of scheduling.  Although we have a full week of things to do I'm sure once I am there it wont be a problem.  Of course it would be so easy if they were all in Central London but being that I can't afford to live in Zone 1 right now I have to venture out a little further. The furthest I am going is right on the border of Zone 2 and 3 so it's not too far but I will be all over the place this well as enjoying a fun week with my cast.

I wanted to keep you in the know, I'll keep you posted on the flat hunting and keep your fingers crossed for me that I come back with a place to live! 

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  1. wishing you happy and successful hunting, love. break a leg! :)