Friday, June 17, 2011

A Birthday Letter to My Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today would have been your 67th birthday and if you were still around to celebrate it, I have no doubt in my mind I would be calling you right about now to wish you a happy one and to tell you how I wish I was in Weymouth to celebrate with you.  Sadly you are not here to celebrate it, but I know I can still wish you the best!  I guess the one positive thing about you not being around to celebrate is that is saves me the hassle of buying you a gift that you would later have me return as you have no use for were always good like that :)  In all honesty though, I would give anything to be able to deal with that frustration again. 

This month and next month are particularly hard given that your birthday and Fathers Day always fall in the same week and next month is the anniversary of your death.  Of course I think about you every day and wish you were still around, but June and July I especially miss you.  Well and at Christmas too because you always bought me awesome Christmas presents and you know I love presents! I try to look at those times with a smile because I know you are still with me every day, but sometimes it's a littler hard to put on that smile.  Like right now, where I am embarrassingly tearing up at work while I write this, but you know, it happens. 

However, since it is your birthday I still want to give you a gift. Its a gift that I think you will like too...its for you to know that I am doing OK.  I'm actually better than OK.  Each day brings forth a new challenge or gift and those things are what make me who I am and who you and Mom have raised me to be.  Living in London is amazing and I couldn't be happier. I know that it would have been hard for you to see me go, as you were showing that when I decided to move to NYC.  However, it really was a great choice for me.  You know I've always wanted to come here and I finally made it, I probably wouldn't have made it if not for you.  But Daddy, I'm happy here and feel like things are only going to get better!  I'm figuring things out on my own, something Ive never really done...and I'm doing it!  So my gift to you is that I am good :) Is that a really selfish gift?

With all that being said...I want to say I love you so much, I miss you so much and I wish you the Happiest 67th Birthday!!!



  1. Love your letter! So precious and from the heart.

  2. This was so lovely, thank you! Now all I have to do is figure out how to become a "follower"!


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