Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm No Forrest Gump

Remember when I wrote that I signed up for a 10K (if you don't you can look here and see) well that 10K is in less than a month and I am nowhere near ready for it.  I have gone back and forth about where I should just throw in the towel...but as I have proven time and again to myself, I don't like to quit things. So, I am not quitting this.  I can't believe that I am going to still do this.  I need to finish in 2 hours, I think I can do that. I mean I am averaging about 30-35 minutes for a 5K and thats with walking so I should be able to do this, right?!

Guys, I am going to admit this to you...I hate running. I have tried and tried to like it but everything about it I hate.  I never have that "in the zone" feeling people talk about. I dont feel like I am clearing my head ever either.  All I do is go out running and curse it! And you know what the weirdest thing is, I'll go out running and even if I have a "good run" or a bad one, I end up in tears b/c I am bad at it.  What is wrong with me? Why I am crying about running?  Its really annoying.  I want to like it and I want to be good at it, but I don't like it and I am bad at it.  Its a no win situation.  I might give it up after this 10K to be honest.  I just feel like I am never going to get better. 

I really wish I had a running buddy, it would make it so much better.  I know I cant depend on having someone with me but the few times I have gone out running with someone I dont end up cursing it all that much.  And the person I am running with is usually a great source of motivation for me too.  It really helps me.  BUT as I said, I can't depend on having someone there with me.  I need some advice from my running friends out there...can you recommend anything? 

Now, with that being said, this 10K that I am doing, it't for charity.  I am running for a charity called Counsel + Care. I don't like asking people for money, but it really is for a good cause! If you can, even its its a few dollars/pounds/euros/ would mean a lot to me.  Here is the link to my page to donate ...Virgin Money Giving

Thank you!!!


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  1. Wow, my biggest change over the last year us how much I enjoy running again. Really recommend reading "Born to Run". I just met the author on Friday.

    And you are a runner...

    Keep at it. I can really respect you sticking it out.

    Rock on.