Friday, June 3, 2011

Stuck In A Rut

Im currently in the market for a new job and I have been in this market for about 6 months now.  I have been looking and applying and looking and applying for job after job after job honestly all for what?  I know what you're saying, "be glad you have a job in this economy" and I am because low pay is better than no pay.  But I have to be honest...I am struggling. Not only am I struggling financially but I'm also struggling with losing my mind and my pride.  I've been in a low paying job since the end of November and I was really happy to get out of the flat and off my lazy ass and start working. However now I am working hard just to keep my head above water. Im in a job that is serverely pulling me under and Im not just talking about because of the money. I am literally sitting on my ass all day long maybe answering a phone call every 10 minutes or so. I might occassionally shoot off a random email or make a photocopy of something, but I just sit here. There is only so many times I can check my Facebok, read the news and post on Twitter. I am so much better than what I am doing! For the first time in my life I have actually been trying to find work in a field that I find interesting, I enjoy going to and want to make a career out of.  I have worked in jobs that have literally but just I was never interested in a career and now I am!

So day after day I apply for jobs. Most of which I am qualified for and some of which I am not but its wishful thinking and you never know, someone might want to take a chance on me.  But I have beed finding that noone wants to take a chance on one wants to even take a chance on me in a position that I can do, have done, am more than qualified for.  How is someone supposed to get a job then?  I cannot begin to tell you how soul destroying it is to day in and day out get emails telling me that I am not qualified or I dont have the specifications that the client it looking for, especially when the job description breaks it down and clearly states what they are looking for and my resume cv shows I have done it all before.  Are you kidding me?!  In the past week I have applied for 20+ jobs and heard back from one about a possible interview, I was told I would hear back later in the afternoon and nothing...I emailed the woman as a follow up and again, nothing. All the others have been rejection emails. 

Today I told my boss that I either need a pay increase (which they have not given in 2 years) or I need to start looking for another job.  All the while, I feel like here I am looking for a something else and failing miserably and Im not going to even get a pay increase from the stingy fuckers at work.  Im so fed up.  Im this close to either selling my soul for a better job or selling my organs for more money. Im not quite sure which is a better option....


  1. good for you on the payrise thing, i heart you xx

  2. yes, good for you for talking to your boss! you never know what can happen if you ask for something!

  3. I feel your pain. I have worked at my career for over 13 years now and I went into a major depression last year when I was unemployed. Keep at it, it will get better. Trust me, I am a scientist!

  4. I can totally and completely relate. I have applied to AT LEAST 50 jobs since February with not so much as a phone interview. I've re-vamped my CV, changed my cover letter writing style and nothing.

    Hope you get that raise! Looking for work at the moment is the pits!