Monday, February 20, 2012


I used to have this quote written on my mirror and I think it needs to go back up there.  

I've recently been stuck in a rut of negativity and excuses.  I've been a 'pity me,' 'my life sucks,' 'nothing is going to get better' kind of Jean lately and that Jean is no fun...I know first hand.  

I made a resolution this year that I would be aware of the good things in every day.  I bought this journal where I would write down at least 1 good thing that happened each day. I started it off with a bang but recently, when I started getting stuck in this rut each day it became a struggle to find something good.  I need to get back into the positive thinking.  As soon as things start to fall apart I start to fall apart with it.  Its not good.  

So I'm putting it out there.  I need to turn this around. Be thankful for what I already have and not bitter for what I don't have.  Things are not going to change if I don't change the negativity.  I need to get this through my head.   

Today, although its a bit chilly out, the sun is shining and London looks promising.  Its the start of a new week and that means I can start with a clean slate right?  As I said...I'm putting it out there.  Sad, lonely, self-deprecating Jean needs to jog-on and I need to find the girl who people like to have around.  It wont happen over night, but it will happen!

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  1. Pity parties and being a Negative Nelly definitely suck. I know first hand! Sending positive vibes your way.