Saturday, April 17, 2010

All I Want Is A Room Somewhere

Eliza Doolittle knew what she was talking about when she sang this little ditty and I know exactly how she feels. Right now I am trying to find myself a place to live when I move and it's proving to be rather difficult. I found it was pretty daunting trying to look for a place to live in New York when I was living in Massachusetts and that was only a couple states away. Here I am living a whole ocean away from where I am moving and this is proving to be almost impossible. I know it's not going to be and I know I will find a place but I'm stuck and I want to know that I'll have a place to rest my head this summer. I have been searching on Craigslist, but most of the places that are within my budget are scams OR want someone to move in right now. I've been told about this website called Gumtree which is sort of like Craigslist over there and I have been searching but again it's all the same...scams or ASAP. Also on Gumtree I find a lot of the places are further out than I want to be. I did find this one company, London Relocation Services, that if worse comes to worse and I can't find anything I can go through them. It's sort of like finding a place here in New York and you use a realtor, you have to pay the realtor fee as well as paying the landlord 1st months rent and a security deposit. I wish I could get around that but if I am desperate I'm going to have to go that route.

I would really like a 1 bedroom b/c I like the idea of having my bed separate from my kitchen. I know I don't really cook, but if I did I don't want my sheets smelling like food. I also like the idea of having the place where I sleep separate from the place where I sit and watch tv. If I had a tv in my room I might never get out of my bed! I also would really LOVE a bathtub. In a perfect world my London flat would have a bedroom with a queen sized bed, a dishwasher, laundry, a bathtub and shower and a back yard or a perfect world remember. I know I will find something great but I kind of feel useless right now b/c I can't look for something. Keep your fingers crossed for me, oh and if any of you know anyone who can help me it forward please!!!                                                   

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