Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just the Beginning

A few friends have said to me that I should blog about my move to London...well, here it is! In just a couple months I will be packing up all my belongings and shipping them off to an as yet to be determined flat in London somewhere. It's going to be a crazy fun, super scary adventure I am embarking on. As of right now I am interested in looking to live in Islington in North London or Waterloo on the South Bank. I just got back from a trip over there where I looked a those 2 places as well as a being told about a few other places like Barnsbury, Shoreditch, Stoke Newington, Hoxton, West Hampstead and Swiss Cottage. I have to do much more research about the cost of living in all of these places but I hope to have a place by June.

Besides finding a place to live I have SO much more to do, I need to open a bank account (can't get a place to live if I don't have one of those,) get a mobile (cellphone) number, find a job! I can't do anything if I can't find work. I do have a couple leads on the job front which is good but I still have to ace interviews in order to get the job. Thankfully I wont be alone over there! My roommate here in New York, Caroline, is going to be coming over in August to go to grad school and she will be in the same program as Ina, a girl I also know from my acting studio. I do have a couple friends there as well and some family, it eases my mind that I wont be alone.

So here I will keep everyone who's interested up to date on what's happening before I move and then I will keep you all abreast of my life in London! I hope I keep you interested...

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  1. Woo, how exciting! You're coming to Laaandahn! xx