Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nothing Is Impossible

Yesterday I went to see the play Fuente Ovejuna at the Southwark Playhouse Theatre.   Caroline (my old roommate from New York, who is now living here to study) was sent an invitation to see this show via Facebook and she asked me if I wanted to come along.  I said yes as I don't like to give up any opportunity to see theatre.  I believe I was supposed to have read this play sometime when I was in college but had no recollection of it at all, well I am happy to say that although I had no recollection of it, after yesterday I wont forget it.  This play was written my Lope de Vega in the early 1600's and it was based on actual events and to quote my friend Harry "definitely not a comedy." It's got some heavy subject matter, however, this company took the script and did wonders to it to make it appeal to todays audience.  There were changes with the text, songs added in, a dance party at intermission and some audience participation, it was wonderful! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this show but I think what you really need to do it GO SEE IT!  Its in it's last week of it's run, so if you are in London I highly highly recommend getting tickets.  You can get there by clicking here!

After the show Caroline and I were lucky enough to sit down with Roberto, one of the actors (he is a friend of one of Caroline's friends from New York) and Daniel, the director. They were able to offer me some suggestions on how to get into the acting world in London. I was told about some websites to look at, some groups to look into, it was so great.  I was beginning to feel a little defeated when it came to learning where to find the theatre community here, I didn't know any actors here before yesterday and so I didn't know where to begin looking or who to ask.  The 2 of them were able to provide me with not only information about where to look, but all hope is not lost.  Last night after leaving the show I said to Caroline, seeing this show made me realize that it is possible to act here.  I mean there is nothing wrong with having pipe dreams of being on stage at The Globe, but right now I would be so happy to be able to do a show anywhere. Life is definitely not all about being on Broadway or in the West End...for me it's about doing what I love.  I came away from that conversation no longer feeling like acting here in London was impossible for me unless I was studying in a program somewhere.  

Now, with this newfound knowledge I have, I am going to see what I can find and where it takes me!  Hey, and maybe it will take me less time to get on stage here in London than it did in New's hoping!

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