Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The One Where I Look For A Job

Job hunting sucks, plain and simple! Today while I was perusing the internet for job listings I had the television on for the first time since I've been here and the pilot episode of Friends was one. If you are not familiar with the show or have not seen it enough times, not only have you been living under a rock but you also don't know that in this episode Rachel leaves her fiance Barry at the alter and that is how she ends up living with Monica. Rachel comes from a wealthy family and has depended on her parents for money all her life and now she is forced to be an adult and tries to go out and get a job. She comes back from job hunting and says "well, I am not qualified to do anything..." and that my friends is exactly how I feel right about now!!!

I majored in acting. I have a Bachelors of Art in Drama...tell me how that is going to get me a job in anything other than acting?  Even then I am unsure of how much acting work I'll get with it. But right now I need to find a job and I'll pretty much do anything at this point, I just need to make some money.  I've had the most frustrating couple of days looking for jobs online because on paper I may not look like I am qualified to do the tasks at hand but really I pick things up so quickly and I am super reliable at work. Whats more frustrating is that I am 32 and there are kids graduating from school who will start off making a lot more money than I will and I have been in the job world 10 years longer!  If only "they" (meaning the employers posting these jobs) would "take a chance on me" (thank you ABBA) they wouldn't be disappointed...but I need them to actually take that chance and not just look at my resume cv.

I guess tomorrow is another day, I can see what is posted and if I am qualified.


  1. if you're not already, try the guardian's website! it has TONS of jobs.

  2. Breath in, breath out and don't let anything take you down. You are amazing.

  3. Take a good look at your resume and structure it so that it highlights your strengths. Don't feel like you have to follow the "standard" format. You can't compete with others in a standard format, cuz you're not standard. So, structure it so that what you want employers to know is what they see FIRST.