Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tassels, Feather and Balloons...Oh My!

bur·lesque  (br-lskn. A variety show characterized by broad ribald comedy, dancing, and striptease.

Tom has a friend who is a burlesque dancer, they went to university together where she studied law. Flash forward a few years to today where she is now the producer and headliner of her own show.  Her name is Agent Lynch and her game "burlesque bombshell and pinup and all around 60's aficionado" and she is pretty fucking cool if you ask me!  It got me thinking, could I become a burlesque dancer?  I mean essentially it's just like acting, but I would be dancing and taking my clothes off...but I wouldn't have to get naked.  I mean, I've done scenes in acting class where I have been wearing a lot less than what these women were wearing.  It's not stripping and I wouldn't have men trying to shove money into a g-string (although at this point that doesn't sound so bad...anything for money right? I kid!  As I said my mom reads this!) But really, this burlesque thing is art and it looks pretty fun too.  

Ok, maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself b/c I can't just jump up on a stage and make money (see above) I would need some training and a gimick...but I'm creative and know how to move. And I'm sure I can be sexy... noone would know about the cackling laugh and tendency to make an ass of myself when I'm performing.  I would get to be someone else and have fun while doing it...and maybe make some money! I definitely can't hurt to look into it.  Agent Lynch does teach a class, I'm good at taking classes.  

Now at this point, I have all of my family and friends back in the states ready to buy me a plane ticket and ship all my stuff back home b/c I am thinking about "shaking my tassels" but don't worry, it may only be a fleeting thought. However I highly recommend you check out some burlesque, its kind of awesome!  Look at Dita von Teese, she is unconventionally gorgeous, makes lots of money and basically only wears pasties and frilly knickers :) 

Have I mentioned how badly I need to get a job, this is what happens when you go and see an amazingly fun show and then sit at home being rejected by companies looking for someone to fill a position that I am over qualified for...I'm thinking about investing in fishnet thigh highs, nipple tassles and frilly knickers.  It could be worse right...I could be thinking about escorting. Hi Mom!


  1. That's such a small world! I met her because she is friend's with my friend Naomi!
    She is the best performer!

  2. Very small world! She was great, we should go see one of her shows together. It was so much fun!