Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting It Done

With Laura having been here last week she was a great source of motivation for me.  I mentioned previously how I had gotten my room in order, well I also got some more important things squared away as well.  I had made a list of things that I needed to do and needed to get and the only thing left on that list is a laundry bag or basket.  The 2 most important things on that list were 1. open a bank account and 2. get a UK cell mobile phone and I did just that.  Right now the phone I have as my mobile is a temporary phone that is a pay as you go plan but once I get my bank card in the mail I can go back and have my number transferred over to a contract plan.  Im a little lost without my iPhone right now though.  I haven't been able to unlock it to be able to use it over here yet, but I have been told by my friend Jay that the government just made unlocking legal so I should be able to have that all taken care of...I hope sooner rather than later.  If I can't unlock my phone I need to figure out what type of phone to get...do I get a Blackberry again? Do I get some fancy new thing they have over here? Oh the possibilities!

That being said, I am feeling like I am getting quite a bit accomplished already.  Now onto the job...


  1. Hi Jeannie!

    I'm glad you're getting settled in and feeling at home! I wish I could come and play! Sooo jealous! And I've been dying to get to the Globe this season, it looks amazing! Let me know how Anne Boleyn is!
    MB and I are planning to visit London next summer. We'd love to see ya! Have a great birthday and good luck job hunting.
    Not sure what you're looking for, but we have a friend, Linda Hinsa who works for State Street. She isn't in the banking end, but manages the setting up of office spaces. She transfered to London a few years ago and lives in Greenwich. I just lost my contacts (thanks yahoo) but I can get her email for you if you're interested.

    Take care-

  2. Hey Jeannie!
    How was living in the UK? Right now, I have plans of migrating to another country and get a better job. But I'm afraid that I may not be able to use my phone! LOL! No but seriously, you did a great job on your 'starting again process.' Best of luck!