Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking a Break: T Minus 36 Hours

I fly out in 36 hours...holy shit!

Right now I am taking a break from backing up my life.  It's really overwhelming and stressful and I feel like I am getting nowhere but I have been assured that I have gotten quite a bit done.  Yesterday my friend Erin R (who I went to college with and lived with for 4 months) drove up from Connecticut to spend the day with me and she helped me pack up.  My mom came over as well and we got 1 of my ginormous suitcases packed.  According to the American Airlines website I am allowed 50lbs but "any bags between 50-70lbs are subject to $50 fee" When we weighed my bag it was 54lbs so my mom shoved more stuff in since I had about another 15lbs to the limit.  I am currently packing the other ginormous suitcase the more of the clothes I am bringing as well as some of the other personal stuff I want to bring.  Its really shocking that I am packing "my life" into suitcases and moving tomorrow night!

I've had a great week, on Monday I had my farewell dinner with my 2 best friends Barrie and Emilee.  I don't see the girls all that often but when I am able to get together with them I have such a great time and am so sad to leave them.  Its really bittersweet, especially b/c they both had kids and I feel like I am missing out on such a huge chapter of their lives.  Then on Tuesday afternoon I met up with my dear friend Laura for lunch and coffee but right now it's not farewell since Laura will be coming to see me in London next week! Tueday night I went with my sister to see Eclipse (Go Team Edward!) and as I said Erin came to visit yesterday. Today is mainly just packing.  I don't think I have anything else planned other than that.  Unless anyone wants to save me from my own personal hell :)

Ok, I have to get back to folding laundry and I have a couple projects to take care of to alleviate the bulk of my stuff...wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!!! And have a safe trip!

  2. I'm sitting here in my bathrobe and my new red lipstick (thanks, Jean, you always knew the way to my heart) and marveling at my newly inherited make up collection so I'm proof you have accomplished a lot of packing already!

    Lots of love and hugs from Hartford. I'm going to start a new stash of money for our trip to see you!