Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy Hell I've Been Here Over A Week!

Sorry I have been "rubbish" at blogging all week, my friend Laura was in town and it's been a busy one. Laura arrived on Wednesday morning and we mostly just stayed around the area.  Since she was on a red eye from Boston it was going to be a long day for her if we did anything crazy so I took her on pretty much the same tour Tom took me on my first day.  We walked around Battersea Park grabbed lunch at a place in the park right on a pond and enjoyed the weather.  Later that night we met Tom after work and went to dinner at Rocket, which happens to be one of Tom's favorite places to eat at in London, it's on Lancashire Court which is a Mews Street in London.  The food was delish and the dinner companions could not have been better!  Tom and Laura clicked right away which really made me happy!  The rest of the week Laura was a Godsend! She and I went around and got me some new bed linens to make my room my own.  Tom did a wonderful job with the room but it needed a bit of a woman's touch to make the place my own. I now have some organizational stuff as well as new linens and I need to finish the room off with hanging up photos in there.  I will be sure to post before and after photos when the room is complete.  I really and truly feel at home in my flat.  I was telling Tom that at first I felt like I was just visiting.  I was a little apprehensive about going through the cabinets and such but now I really feel like I live here.  Its great.  I think having Laura here really helped break the ice totally!  On Friday Laura and I took the train to Straford-upon-Avon to meet up with Nick, a colleague of Laura's who works at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  While there he took us on a VIP tour of Stratford and we saw where Shakespeare was born as well as buried.  We were able to view the Folio while there, we also got taken on some "behind the scenes" stuff in Stratford, it was pretty amazing and hilariously funny!  Nick was a wonderful guide and we had a fantastic day.  Again any day you laugh as much as I did those days are always great days! Tom went home to his family house on Saturday afternoon after we had a great breakfast in the neighborhood while Laura and I went to a birthday party for my friend Michael that night. Laura also knows Michael and some of his friends which was great, but even if she knew no one I know we would have had just as much fun! Sunday was another Shakespeare filled day when we ventured over to The Globe Theatre to see back to back performances of Henry IV part 1&2.  I can't tell you how much I love that place and seeing shows there!  I think I might take myself to see Anne Boleyn (a new play written) for my birthday as it's playing on Friday and my b-day is Sunday.

Today Laura left after we took a bus tour of London. I enjoy those tours, I have been on a few here, one in Dublin and one in New York.  I find them interesting because of the tour guides.  Our guide was a little clueless which made the tour very funny.  After the tour we headed back to Battersea and grabbed Laura's things to head to Heathrow Airport. I was really sad to see her go, not only because she is a little piece of home, but because I have the best times when she is around.  I laugh like I have never laughed before when she is around and this trip was no exception!  Tom and I are already trying to get her back here for the 1st weekend in November for Guy Fawkes Day for a party and fireworks in the park.

Not only did Laura leave today, but Tom left today too.  He is coincidentally flying to New York for the week for work and then has the weekend to play in the city!  So here I am all alone in London.  It's a little lonely especially since I've just had a crazy week and I've only just moved in.  This week entails getting more done to my room I hope as well as pounding the pavement for work...if anyone has any leads let me know!  I am also hoping to meet up with my friend Lisa (a fellow ex-pat) as well as meet up with my uncle as well.  So I hopefully wont be as lonely as I am thinking.  It's bee a crazy couple months and I haven't really had much time to breathe since the beginning of the maybe I will be able to over the next few days.

And if anyone wants or needs a new I am :)

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